Differentiate Host and Auto Host

I think it might be useful to see in the TMI message whether a host was done manually or via the auto host feature. The Streamer I mod for has mentioned she would like to thank the host but never knows if they are actually there or if it was auto.

Well, apparently I didn’t do my research because this already appears to me a thing. My apologies.

Pray tell: what did you find?

Another moderator I’m friends with also streams and saw my discussion about auto host notifications. She shared this screenshot with me earlier today from her Chatty client.

:jtv!jtv@jtv.tmi.twitch.tv PRIVMSG annemunition :TheGameCase is now auto hosting you for up to 4 viewers.

Thats the caster chat right? (It looks like it but for 100% surety?)

Yeah, the message now will include the text “is auto hosting” if the source is from an autohost.

@BarryCarlyon should be sent to broadcaster the same way the other host notifications were.

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