Display of Overlays seems unreliable

It’s possible the streamer changed the extension during their webcast. We wouldn’t be able to tell for sure, but my understanding is they have not, in part because we’ve seen this happen multiple times, and our understanding, in conversations with the streamer, was that they hadn’t made any changes.

But going on the assumption that they HAVE changed their extensions mid-stream… Are you saying in that situation viewers who had been seeing the Overlay continue to see it while newly-arrived viewers do not?

Or are the results erratic where some newly-arrived viewers see the Overlay and other newly-arrived viewers do not.

Note: A prior question attempted to address this same issue: Is it possible for an Overlay Extension to default / automatically open and/or close?
When we posted that question we were wondering why some viewers were seeing the extension and others were not.

Also note: We (developers) may have already lost this battle with our client. From their perspective the Overlay Extension is not a reliable feature. They can see the extension works, they can coordinate with streamers to deploy the Extension, but no one has any confidence that the Overlay is displaying for all viewers of a given streamer’s webcast.