[Drop Campaign] inconsistent connection status at campaign and when claim the rewards


First of all, we are on testing integration twitch drop with our application for claim the rewards. we already follow the step

  1. Create application to related Game Studio’s
  2. Create campaign and assign our game with clientID that we created at step 1
  3. We set the viewer and streamer, and we also checked the status in all campaign-our game, the status is connected.
  4. We do test streamer and viewer until claim drop item, but we meet this problem. We don’t have insights about this one

Hey there,

Only few people that frequent these Forums have access to drops, so sorry for the late response!

Looking at it from the outside, a guess i can make would be: Check if the viewer that claimed the Drop still has the App (aka Client ID) linked to their account. They can check on their Connections Settings Page.

I may toy with some drops today or so, so if i notice any other bumps in the road you may be stumbling on, I’ll come back here!


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