Emulate New Subscriber with Websockets?

I’ve got my websocket event listener set up and I want to receive subscriber events. So far, for testing I’ve set up a listener for followers and I’ve just been following and unfollowing my channel with a dummy Twitch account. However I’d like to test with an actual subscriber event to check that my app will handle the notification message correctly. Is there a way to do this with websockets? My follower testing method is obviously hacky af and I’m sure there must be a better way but I can’t find one in the docs

Normally I’d say use the TwitchCLI, however the TwitchCLI doesn’t currently let you test a websocket (beyond reconnect testing) only the HTTP transport has full testing support.

But the payload that is sent to a the HTTP Transport for the data is the same, it’s designed to be transport agnostic. So you could use that payload as a mock to test with.

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