Heya, so I am trying to add support for PubSub to an application i am writing.

I generated a client_id and client_secret in my account and then created an Oauth token.

When I try to listen to bits events I send the channel_id and the oauth token in “oauth:token” format and I always get ERR_BADAUTH is this because the authentication is bad or is it because pubsub only works for partners and not affiliate channels?

The OAuth token has to be a token for the specified channel, and you send it on the LISTEN event as documented here. You don’t send it with oauth:token formatting either. That’s chat. :slight_smile:

One other question is the “channel” oauth token different than the user that owns the channel’s oauth token?

No different. :slight_smile:

What language/type of application are you writing? If you are making a nodeJS app i recommend using my npm package. It makes interacting with the pubsub system a lot simpler. :slight_smile:

As a side note, I don’t think pubsub works in the format you stated (“oauth:token”). ERR_BADAUTH will result (at least on subscriptions topic) when you include the “oauth:” at the start of your token.

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