Error: No response from Twitch

Hello everyone! I’m new to programming and twitch. API. So, I have a simple file and code which is the temple to log message, but it is having an error connecting to twtich.
I have installed tmi.js via npm i tmi.js.
Thank you.


Looking at this example, I am unsure why the given Error message is displayed, but one thing to correct would be that you are passing the explicit string process.env.T_CHANNEL instead of the value of said environment variable.

You’ll want to remove the ’ around it and you may then get somewhere.

Additionally, I recommend checking out TMI.js’ Documentation and Discord - it’s a community-driven library and not made by Twitch.

If you wanted, you could look at connecting to Twitch’s IRC interface yourself via WebSockets - you can find more information in the docs.

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