Eventsub Subscription error "The value specified in the method field is not valid"

Hi there, I’m building an app in C# Windows Form that connects to Eventsub Websockets to request new Subscriber events. The app will then increment a timer based on these events.

However, in my app, I have an error sending the HTTPS request to subscribe to the channel.subscribe event. The error says: The value specified in the method field is not valid, with a status code of 500.

I’m just not sure what this means. I’m sending an HTTP POST request so that can’t be what it means by method, and I’m sending a method value of websockets in the transport object I’m sending, along with the Websockets session ID.

What else could I do to fix this error? If it matters, I’m using the System.Net.Http.HttpClient to send the request.

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This sounds like you tried to send a stringified JSON packet in the body but did not include a Content-Type header of application/json

So Twitch tried to parse what you sent as a form and failed

I am actually setting the Content-Type manually to application/json after setting the Content. I actually double-checked the spelling of that header value but it seems to be fine. As a debugging step, I added a console log line of the resulting Content-Type and it told me the Request.Content.Headers.Content-Type is application/json (spelling copied from console).

I’ll outline everything I’m doing if someone more versed in this could help me out

//This is a custom class to build the JSON object for the request body when serialized
// topic is "channel.subscribe", userID is a hardcoded string userID (but I didn't want to share) and the sessionID comes from the welcome message
SubscriptionRequest request = new(topic, "1", new SubCondition(userID), new SubTransport(sessionID));
HttpRequestMessage httpRequest = new(HttpMethod.Post, "");
httpRequest.Headers.Authorization = AuthenticationHeaderValue.Parse($"Bearer {Settings1.Default.AccessToken}");
httpRequest.Headers.Add("Client-Id", Resources.ClientID);
httpRequest.Content = new StringContent(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(request));
httpRequest.Content.Headers.ContentType = new MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/json");
Debug.WriteLine($"Request.Content.Headers: {httpRequest.Content.Headers}");
/*HttpResponseMessage response = httpClient.Send(httpRequest);
if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
       Debug.WriteLine($"Successfully subscribed to topic {topic}");
       Debug.WriteLine($"Error subscribing to topic {topic}: {await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync()}");

While writing this post, I googled the HTTP client library and found there was an overload that allowed me to set the Content-Type while in the StringContent constructor like so:

httpRequest.Content = new StringContent(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(request), null, "application/json");

The null parameter in this case is a text encoding, which would result in a Content-Type of application/json;charset=utf-8 if set, which I wasn’t sure the server would accept.

Also, here’s the string JSON that is being sent to the server, showing the variables in their place:


Checking your full payload, the method should be websocket not websockets

Missed this in the original post as I got to the HTTP code and error message and skimmed the rest :smiley: (and it was pre coffee post DST getting up an hour earlier 13 hours ago)

No problem, thanks for checking this out again. I was using websockets plural because that’s what it said on Managing Subscriptions | Twitch Developers . Perhaps the documentation needs to be updated? I’ll update my code and let you know if that worked.

yeah both methods wrong there. I’ll file a ticket. filed as

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