Extensions Developer Onboarding - Stuck at step 3

So I’m in the process of signing up for the developer extensions last week. I don’t remember the date exactly but I think it was over the weekend. Anyway, it says that it’ll only take a few minutes but it’s been a couple days already and I haven’t heard a thing. So I attempt to redo the process because I’m thinking perhaps something messed up over the weekend. But now I can’t resend the royalty tax form. IDK if I just fudged it up further or if I’ll actually see any updates.

You might want to post over here instead: Having problems on-boarding? Post here!

Never mind, I figured out the issue: I did it on the weekend.

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I’m currently having an issue where it always sends me back to step 3 no matter what I do I just made it to payout but now it’s telling me again that it’s back to step 3 what’s going on?

Don’t necro a post from two years ago.

See also Having problems on-boarding? Post here!