Extensions Submit for Review Process

Dumb question -

I’m about to submit an extension for review. They ask that I provide a channel that has the extension installed to view it on. The channel doesn’t have to be streaming for them to review it right?

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"Before submitting your extension for review, you must complete the Review Details section of the version you will submit. Pay special attention to the following fields and issues:

Name of Channel for Review — Specify the URL of the channel that you want to be used for the review process. To complete our review of your extension, we require the version under review to be fully functional and live on a Twitch channel page until it is approved. Also, if your extension requires live data to operate, please simulate the necessary data to allow our reviewers to use the full breadth of features offered by your extension."

Yea I saw that and that’s the part that’s confusing me. To me that reads that the extension needs to be installed and activated to be reviewed but I’m not sure.

yes you need to have the extension installed on a channel (in most cases it’s your own channel).

And as the documentation says, it needs to be fully functioning, even if your channel is not streaming.

So the submission did not pass. The channel URL you provide not only needs to have the extension installed and activated, but needs to be streaming for them to review. This seems like a poor method in my opinion and was also not clearly explained in the documentation. From the e-mail:

"Thank you for submitting your extension for review. Unfortunately, your extension has been placed under Pending Approval because the following requirements were not met:

A test stream is required to review your Extension."

At the very least, I think they should provide a time window, or something similar, within the documentation, such as “The channel must remain live between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST”

hmm, maybe if your extension has functionality that is only available when the stream is live.

My panel-extension got released without me being live. The only thing I needed to do was actually create a test-clip on my channel, as this is the main feature of my extension.

If your extension requires a live stream, maybe you can find an actual streamer who would like to test your extension. Then you can add them as Testing Accounts in the extension’s “Access” tab.

Or provide Twitch with a time-frame when your stream will be live (just make sure it’s during business hours in San Francisco).

I just received the same message for my overlay extension. I agree the instructions should be clearer about panel vs. overlay extensions and the expectations for each.