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Other Broadcasters can get follower notices within 20 seconds, I timed it. If the API only updates every minutes, how is this possible? I use a new WebClient each request. I’m requesting every minute. It still took almost 4 minutes before the API gave me the updated followers when checking this link[channelName]/follows?limit=100

If the API is the only way to get new follower notifications, then why does it take my request almost 4 minutes to get updated, but others are within 1 minutes? I suspected I was getting cached data, but I’m making new request each time.

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While endpoints may be cached, you may also hit a server that doesn’t have cached results. You may see something like this if you poll frequently:

Request 1: 1000 followers <- Original cached request
Request 2: 1020 followers <- Second request by you that hit a new server, lots of new followers
Request 3: 1000 followers <- Original server
Request 4: 1015 followers <- Someone else made a request and you hit their cached server
Request 5: 1020 followers <- Your cached second result

Why so inconsistent? I mean I hit follow on a stream, their notification goes off within 20 seconds. I continue to poll the API for 3.5 mins, once every minute. That’s over 200 request and it still took that long to get the new followers.

If anyone has anymore information, I am still trying to figure this out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually their notifier gets a batch of new followers and spreads them over a nice time period. So it APPEARS to be quicker/more constant stream of followers. This is my observation.

I’m talking about my own follow though. I click the follow button and it only takes 20 seconds for my name to appear on their stream as a new follower. Why can I not get these results? I didn’t get the update until 3+ minutes later.

Is TwitchAlerts paying for some kind of partnered priority or something?
Is there a notice in chat that I am missing?

I see now that TournymasterbotCurse’s comment has been hidden? Was it a true statement or not?

Not true

If no one is getting any special privileges then I must be missing something.

You should put the new Followers into a list and trigger your notification every x seconds. By the time the Followers went through the Alert you should have a new set of Followers for your Alert.

This is probably not useful for you because you cant retrieve the names but
updates instantly when you hit the Follow button!

Spoil sport.

Nobody gets special permissions on the twitch api, everybody follows the same rules and handles caching results the same way.

@tournymasterbotCurse’s post had multiple flags for that post, so it was moderated to be hidden. It was not a true statement.

@SeeingBlue: I believe you’ve asked a similar question before. The answer isn’t any different, and you’re not missing anything. Everybody uses the same endpoints with the same restrictions. Caching and load balancing both can change the data that you get and when you get it. The solutions that @BarryCarlyon and @osrs_airport are the most reasonable ways to handle the situation for responsiveness.

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