Game with the same name "stole" my category?


I’m the developer of a game called YARG, released in 2022 and which has had a Twitch category for some time now. However, at some point in 2023, a new game by a different developer also came out, which also happens to be called YARG.

It would seem that, when the developer of the new game registered it on IGDB, it somehow “overrode” my game on Twitch. Searching for “YARG” on Twitch shows you both games, but clicking on either one takes you to, which only displays their game.
This also manifests itself in other weird ways. For example, when I look at my game on my dev console, I see clips from the other game and my game’s box art doesn’t show up.

I don’t particularly mind that our games are named the same, but it’s a shame to see my project having it’s category on Twitch replaced with another which was released much later. It would’ve expected it to be the other way around, that the older game would take priority over the new one.

Is there any way this could be fixed? I want to clarify I have nothing against the developer of YARG (2023), but I feel like this situation will just lead to (more) confusion and… well, to be honest, it sucks that my game’s category was taken from me in a way. This isn’t the dev’s fault of course, but it sadly turned out to have that result.

Thank you for your time,

Games with the same name has been a somewhat long running issue.

Theres no rule of thumb over which game “wins” per sae. Sometimes it’s the older one and sometimes it’s the newer one. It’s a magical mystery black box.

Twitch itself just doesn’t handle duplicate game names well.

Theres a few uservoices on the matter, but it’s not something this forum can help resolve.

I believe the leading uservoice on the matter is this one Twitch category name collision – Twitch UserVoice

Here for all we know the newer games dev made a request thru uservoice and it was moved over to priotise the newer game.

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That’s so weird… Ideally both games would have their own category or something.
I hope this is fixed at some point, but in the meantime I voted and left a comment on that uservoice page. :raised_hands:

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