Get Clips API call not returning right number

Hello, i was trying to get all clips of my channel and iam familiar with twitch API for some time and mostly know how to use it :smile:

I created script which goes in loop and on end will give me all clips. Problem is it returns bad number of total clips and some clips are missing.

I see problem in parameter “&first” (100 is maximum on one call) because it never return 100 entries but only 99 and for next i use parameter “&after” with cursor value and it shouls have send another 100 entries, but it never send 100, mostly 99, sometimes 98… there should be some bug in this because in end from 305 clips i know i have it will send only 285 sometimes 286.

ONLY when i get all clips was if i call &first=1 (but i dont want make so many calls) and get it by one, or maybe sometimes with &first=5 (but that works i think only because my 305 clips can be divisible by 5…maybe)

Get followers and other calls i try, they works without problem and get always right number and &first=100 always get 100 entries. That is why i think there is bug.

Thank you very much

Helix just does this, I don’t think it’s a bug per sae it’s just na oddity

heres “get streams” being not 100 per page

You might also want to check the current list of reported issues with the Clips API - Issues · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

Specifically Missing clips when using an expanded date range · Issue #80 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

Hi, thank you very much for your informative answer and useful link to check.

I can understand that its random with API, but why then GET followers is without problem every time?

Different underlying services may store and hand data differently, which can result in endpoints for different services behaving slightly differently.

This useful website offers a potential answer to this question

(Yes satire and yes likely the reason)*

*Advice may be invalid due to caching

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