Get events when moderators or broadcasters ban users

Hi, so i have been working on a chat bot for some time and been struggling with this issue.

What i want:
When a user is banned or timed-out i would like to somehow get notifications about it. Like when you read the actual twitch chat you see that a message is deleted when someone is banned or timed-out.
I want to be able to at least get a username and time.

What i know:

  • IRC don’t support it
  • You can subscribe to webhooks but according to the description you can only follow when a broadcaster ban someone. I want from both broadcaster and moderators.

So before i spend even more time trying to figure it out. Is it even possible? If so, could you point me to the right direction?

No thats not true.

You just need authentication from the broadcaster to read the data.

So you’ll get events regardless of whom triggered it

Ooh ok. Thanks for your answer!

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