Get Last Broadcasted Game (Helix)

Hey guys! I’m working on Migrating my bot from ApiV5 to the new Helix API.

What I’m trying to do is get a streamers last broadcasted game. In the past I could just get the channel object and it would have their last broadcasted game or current, depending if they were live or not at the time of request. The main reason for this functionality is for my bot to be able to shoutout another streamers stream if they hop into another streamers channel, upon the streamers request.

So far I see a stream endpoint that can give me a current broadcasts information, but that doesn’t help me if the stream is offline.

Is there a way to get last broadcasted/current game of a stream?

I don’t think getting the game assigned to a channel is available yet via Helix.

I was going to say you might be able to access their most recent VOD, but it doesn’t look like the videos Helix endpoint supports the game property either.

It should be noted that the Helix api is not completed yet.

The Game Id is in the active stream which we can lookup. So there is no last stream game id or anything of that sort? Will this implementation be in the future roadmap?

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