Get Pinned Messagae via IRC?

Hi Twitch Communities,

I am new to Twitch API and I wonder if there’s a way to get pinned messages via the chat IRC? It seems like if a message is pinned before I join the channel, there is no way for me to retrieve that pinned message, because Twitch’s chat IRC only gives me messages when im in that channel. Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

At this time there are no signals or API support for Pinned Chat

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Thank you very much! So IIUC, the only way to monitor pinned message of a chat right now is to stay connected?

Theres no signals in chat for pinned messages.

Thanks for clarifying. Just to make sure I understand correctly, I will be able to get the message when it is posted if i am in the chat, right? It is just i wont know that it is a pinned message.

all pinned chat messages are regular chat messages.

But there is nothing in the message to tell you if it gets pinned, or later pinnmed

Got it. Thanks again for your time

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