Get Streams API is missing some streams

Hello. I’m having problems with Get Streams API recently.

Response from the API is missing some streams even if they are live. For example, when I call Get Streams API with { first: 100 }, it returns 94~99 streams.

Seems like it is not always reproduced. Sometimes it works properly when I tried again after several minutes.

Is there a way to solve this issue?
FYI, I call Get Streams API with { language: “ko”, first: 100 }.


Sometimes this can just happen regardless. The stream went offline as the page was preparing. Or Twitch jsut didn’t get a full page and returned it with a “heres the next page” cursor

I see this a lot with this exmaple Browser Categories | Twitch API Example where you find a lot of “incomplete” pages. Theres a variety of reasons why this could be

There might also be a weird bug floating around with the API, I flagged it here but due to a holiday weekend we are waiting for Twitch to get back into the office.

Thanks for the response. I hope this issue will be fixed.

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