Get Streams - uniqueness of Stream ID

Hi guys,
I’m digging through Twitch API and I cannot find answer to those questions:

  1. Is stream ID(that you get from Get Streams endpoint) unique? Is it unique for this specific channel or for whole platform(no more streams on this ID)?

  2. For how long stream can be turned off to be restarted on the same stream ID?

Get Streams says it is

Get Stream Markers only requires user_id xor video_id.

The video ID must be unique for the whole platform.

The stream ID should stay the same if disconnect protection is enabled and the connection was down for ≤90 seconds.

So that’s very strange. I’m testing Get Streams endpoint, and I’m comparing the same streams based on ID, and it looks like between fetches user_id is different, so that would mean that stream ID is unique only for specific channel, not whole platform.

I gotta test this a little bit more and I will update this topic with data.

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