Get Videos [viewable = public] but video is subscriber only


I’m using this Reference | Twitch Developers endpoint to get a list of a streamer’s videos. One of the response attributes is viewable and its possible values are public and private.

I encountered a situation where the video is subscriber-only but the response to the aforementioned endpoint is still sending viewable = "public".


Video URL: Twitch
CURL: curl -X GET ''

The response will send viewable = "public".

Am I misinterpreting the meaning of viewable?


Subscriber only VoDs are still classed as public because any member of the public can view them, they just need a subscription.

VoDs that are private are ones that the broadcaster has unpublished, so are accessible only to the broadcaster themselves.

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No, yo’re right

@Dist gotcha, thanks.

Is there a way to query wether the user has the subscriber-only videos setting?

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