Handling Twitch Chat Integration in Multiplayer Games

  1. I’m working on a multiplayer game and want to allow players to interact with the game via Twitch chat commands. What are the best practices for handling Twitch chat integration in a multiplayer game environment?

in my opinion

You’d send the messaging in the game itself, so “poll starts now” is rendering inside the game.

And then you us the anonomous chat login to count the poll results/whatever your interaction is. Then the only information you need from the streamer is their channel name. No faffing with tokens or oAuth.

Or you can run chat polls using the Polls system Polls | Twitch Developers thats if your interaction works as “basic polling”, but that’ll need some token faffery, of the Game Engine Plugin I mention at the end of this post

Alternatively you can build a richer viewer experience using an extension which gives you more freedom over the viewer facing UI and layout - Extensions | Twitch Developers

More Alternatvely there is the Game Engine Plugin - Twitch Game Engine Plugins Closed Beta Application which is in closed beta testing that might be of use.

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