Having issue with Hosted Assets


I was doing a hosted test before and everything was working fine and recently I uploaded the same assets except with one added .js file and a fonts folder and now when I move into hosted test I just get a 404 on my config and viewer pages. I waited 3 days and same thing is happening. Also I tried to re upload but no luck.

Previous working folder structure:
|-> viewer.html
|-> config.html

that is what it looks like when you unzip and that was working fine in hosted.

Then I uploaded ‘new’ assets but with one added .js file and a fonts folder with the same structure as above but I am getting a 404 on my pages.

Has anyone else experience this or have any suggestions?

Thank you

See this thread. [SOLVED] 404, The specified key does not exist

Also try just remaking your zip and move back to hosted test and reupload your assets