Help me pls in my basic twitch extension


I want to make two buttons in my panel extension one of the buttons using channel points another of them using bits if someone pressed any button it would make an alert message to a streamer/broadcaster.
Do I need backend ? What API’S do I need for this ? How do you use thoose API-s?

please help me :frowning:

You can’t make a button to use channel points.
You can make a button that useBits as that is supported.

It could be done without a backend but would work better with one. Twitch doesn’t give any API for this this is all code you need to write yourself.

It’s up to you.

Thank you for you response! So I can use only the bits from extension and with API you can use something like listening for bits spent? Then how would you notify the broadcaster? I’d send a message for the broadcaster what button pressed and I dont want to use the chat is any way for that?

However you want. Thats up to you to devise how you want to do that.