How can I mimic the kraken "streams?channel=" response in new Helix api?

So in the Kraken api, I would make a small thumbnail on my site with a background image taken from the “preview” in the streams response. I would then grab the “name” “logo” and “url” from the channel response and create a name plate in front of the previously grabbed preview image. All the data was within one object.

the request looked like this :

However, in the Helix api, “channels” are now “users”. I’ve tried concatenating them on one request with no luck.

Ideally I want the request to look like this:

Essentially from what I’ve found so far is that I now need to make 2 requests to get the information Kraken gave me in one. Is it possible to join these two parameters so that I get all the information I need in on request?

You can’t just “join” different endpoints together.

You’ll need to make to make 2 requests, one to which will give you preview thumbnail, title, and other stream related data, and another to for displayname, profile image, and other user related data.

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got it, thanks. One last thing… where can I find the twitch stream URL? I cant seem to find it under “user” although I read in the forum that channel is now user.


Channel = user

They are the same thing. A user doesn’t have a “channel” that is named different to their username. It’s just a wording change and cleaning up API URL’s

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