How do I subscribe for channel events?

Hi folks! How can I get channel events in real-time (by subscribing them)
I’ve found this endpoint{channel_id}/events
but I’d like to use either webhooks or PubSub approach to get events in real time
Thank you!

You are describe a undocmented endpoint.

You should NOT be using this end point

It can change or break at any time.

What events are you looking for?

Events currently available via WebHooks are documented here:

And those via PubSub here:

I’m trying to get channel events which I can find on pages like this

Which events are those?

Checking that endpoint I see it is empty

Ah the EVENTs that streamers create?

There are no official end points for the events

Try this


Also, there are no official end points for the events a streamer creates

Is there not official end points via WebHooks? :slight_smile:

There are no api end points or webhooks or anything officially supported for events that are created by a streamer on

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