How Extensions are affected by the Legacy Twitch API v5 shutdown

Last week, we announced the shutdown details and timeline for the Legacy Twitch API v5. This announcement includes a few changes that apply to Extensions developers and we wanted to create a dedicated announcement to cover these changes.

Migrating the Extensions Reference

API endpoints defined in the Extensions Reference shared the same infrastructure as our Legacy Twitch API v5; a detail not obvious from the URL (i.e. As a result, these 10 endpoints are included in the windowed outages and shutdown scheduled for February 2022.

Each of these endpoints has a Twitch API equivalent. While there are some updates to the request parameters and return payloads, they function essentially the same as before. A new Extensions section of the Twitch API reference has been added for Extensions starting with Get Extension Configuration Segment. If you have applications that call the older Extensions endpoints, please migrate those applications to the Twitch API Extensions endpoints before the shutdown in February 2022.

Managing the Bits Product Catalog via the Twitch API

In addition to the existing Extensions endpoints migrated to the Twitch API, we have added two new endpoints to manage your Bits Product Catalog. These can be used in addition to or instead of the Developer Rig.

Using the Twitch API in an Extension Front End

We have also implemented a new way to access the Twitch API from an Extension Front End using an additional JWT provided by the Extension helper. This JWT allows you to make requests to Twitch API endpoints that support user access tokens and do not require scopes. This scenario is incredibly helpful for frontend-only Extensions. For more information, see the new Extensions guide entitled Using the Twitch API in an Extension Front End.

We recognize that the Legacy Twitch API v5 shutdown may pose additional effort for Extensions developers based on the information above and we appreciate your time and energy to make these updates before the shutdown next year. It is all part of our effort to provide the community with a single, reliable interface through the Twitch API.

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PLEASE! Add//move them to the extensiosn reference instead

I feel it beneficial to keep the extensions group of endpoints in the extensions reference

Also the extensions reference needs a deprecation banner for the old endpoints.

The deprecation banner was in the site build process as soon as I hit publish here :slight_smile:


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It appears the helix JWT’s rate limiting is not quite working as advertised. I’m seeing my extension’s frontends almost perma-rate limited even though the frontend makes at most three API requests per user per channel it’s loaded on, which should be comfortably doable using 30 requests per minute per user.

I actually use the extension helper host by twitch on this endpoint “” given in the github examples.
An update are going to be made on this minified js ? Must I update the link to a new or I can download localy the minified, edit it to update the endpoint and just submit a new version of my extension with the minified up to date by myself ?


The JS helper MUST only be used from the CDN and is required by all extensions.

if the JS Helper is to be updated if’s not on you to Update it. (it’s also likely the JS helper has bypass to remain working regardless)

No Actions is expected on the part of developers for this.

So if I am not wrong, i must do nothing to be up to date about the mail alert i received for the v5 shutdown, because the only thing in my extension using the v5 endpoint of extension api is in the helper.

Seems that way yes.

You can check/test during the next shutdown window which is for 6 hours starting in about 30 minutes

That said, having looked at the min.js I see only one possibly effected v5 call. But I have a feeling it’s not used in production anyway. (or it’s already been updated/changed)

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