How to stream a chrome tab to Twitch from a headless machine?

I want stream a chrome tab of a localhost webpage to twitch from a headless computer. My plan is to setup an AWS EC2 or something similar to display my “webpage” and stream it to twitch. I’m not sure how to do this. Has anyone of any ideas?? Any help would be really appreciated!

It would depend on what sort of content your webpage is displaying. If it’s static content that’s not frequently changing then it may be possible to load and render the page, generate a screenshot, and have something like FFMPEG stream that. If your page has motion graphics though this will likely not look good.

It’s not really a standard use case, so begs the question why do you want to do this in the first place? What benefit would there be to stream a webpage instead of the viewer just going to that webpage rather than viewing it through Twitch and having no capability to interact with it?

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