I count as viewer?

i always pop out my twitch chat and put it on my second monitor. i also put the dashboard on 2nd monitor to see viewer count. it always says i have 1 viewer and i click the list and it says my name under moderators. how do i not count myself as viewer but still see the chat and stuff??

The “viewer list” is a bit of a misleading name for it because it actually lists people connected to the chat room, not people watching the stream (although they mostly overlap in most cases). The viewer count tells you how many people are actually watching.

In order to not show up on the list, you can read the chat on a justinfan username, which does not require a password, but also cannot send any chat messages. (justinfan followed by some random numbers)

can u define justinfan please?

This is only relevant if you connect through other means than the web-based chat window, which you indicated you are not.

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