I think this writing is not appopriate to here, but I want to tell something about TwitchKR's doing wrong

TwitchKR restricted 1080p only at KR.

We don’t know why did they do that, and they even don’t informed at us that 1080 will be unavailable.

I want to tell this issue at twitch in america, not in kr. How can I make them(na twitch) know that twitchKR is doing wrong?

Sorry for my bad english :frowning:

  1. Not sure what this has to do with insights. Insights is for analytics.
  2. What is TwitchKR?
  3. 1080p on what?

Oops, I forgot to explain everything to you. I will explain to you why I wrote this.

Some days ago, we(Korean twitch users) realized that 1080p on live streaming were disabled(in KR). We don’t know what it happened, because twitch Korea(twitchKR) didn’t inform at us.

We tried to find why they did this. And finally, we approached a result that twitchkorea intentionally hid 1080p options on live streaming. Using deviceid value, we found that they intentionally blocked 1080p options for the cost saving. Like This.

Fortunately this problem solved since at this morning in KR time, but some users still complaining about that his twitch account doesn’t supports 1080p on livestreams.
We want to talk about this problem with TwitchKR, we tried several times, but they continuously sent us the same answers, such as ‘We are working on it.’ So I decided to write some kind of help to the English communities which twitch moderator can easily see this problem.
I’m sorry that I posted on the wrong categories. I want to choose the right category, but I don’t know where should I put this.

All we want is to tell these strange things to you guys…

Thats a first party problem and should be routed to @TwitchSupport on twitter.

We cannot help you with first party problems on the third party developers forums.

Thanks, I will try twitter. I owe you.

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