I'm using socket.io , but the connection keeps failing

I use in react
This is my socket instance

import { io } from 'socket.io-client'

const URL = 'wss://irc-ws.chat.twitch.tv:443'

const socket = io(URL, {
  transports: ['websocket'],
  autoConnect: false,

export default socket

This is my react code

useEffect(() => {
    const onConnect = () => {
      console.log('WebSocket Client Connected')
        'CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership twitch.tv/tags twitch.tv/commands'
      socket.send(`PASS oauth:token`)
      socket.send(`NICK username`)
    const onConnectError = (error: any) => {
    const onMessage = () => {

    socket.on('connect', onConnect)
    socket.on('connect_error', onConnectError)
    socket.on('message', onMessage)
    return () => {
      socket.off('connect', onConnect)
      socket.off('connect_error', onConnectError)
      socket.off('message', onMessage)
  }, [status])

Failed to print WebSocket Client Connected message, only Error: timeout message

What should I do?

From https://socket.io/docs/v4/

You should not be attempting to use socket.io to connect to Twitch chat. Either use an actual twitch chat library like tmi.js, or use a websocket library.

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Thank you for your reply.

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