Incorrect follow dates for a span in 2015

The API for follows and followers appear to contain some bad data between 2015-05-21 and 2015-07-06. This was noticed before, but brushed off as not being a problem.

While the format isn’t an issue, that timezone affixed to date string is incorrect, leading to data suggesting that a follow relationship was created before the following user was.


2015-07-03T23:56:14Z user

2015-07-03T16:57:34+00:00 follow

If more examples are needed, this channel has over 1,700 instances of followed < created.

The largest recorded difference I’ve noticed was 25200 seconds (exactly 7 hours). If the source of this error were internally consistent, then +00:00 should be treated by developers as +07:00 instead. But ideally, they’d be in the same format provided the time corrections are made.

As george mentioned in the other post, the timezones should be consistently reported (and is a “bug” if not - where it’s technically correct, but breaks standardization)

Most languages support specifying the timezone on dates though, so for example in c# you might write something like

var TwitchCreatedAt = DateTime.SpecifyKind(DateTime.Parse([twitch date string]), DateTimeKind.Utc);

Both date formats are ISO-8601 compliant, so as long as that is the expectation, then I don’t have a problem. But when the +0 hour offset is present, it’s wrong, and creates problems for me.

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