Integrate Twitch access on Wordpress?

Sorry for the very general question but I do not know where to start.
I want to do a blog website and also create a section for subs only.

The website is done on wordpress, so is there the possibility to use a plugin already existent or I have to implement the access for subs by my self?
Is it hard? How can I do it?


Not too my knowledge, when I did it I custom built

Authentication is documented here:

Sub status can be looked up here:



How do you suggest to custom build it?

Because I wanted to do a blog on it so I think the best solution is wordpress

I meant to custom build the WordPress plugin to do it.

Not custom build an entire blog

Ok, so how to custom build from zero a WP plugin?

This is the Twitch Third party developers forum.

Not the Wordpress support forum

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