InternalOAuthError: Failed to obtain access token


Our product is using Twitch oauth login. It’s running well for most of time, but some of our users report this error:

They tried to re-login and this error can stay several minutes then back to normal. It’s not always appearing, even when they are blocked, I cannot reproduce on my side.

I want to know what can be the root cause, and how are we suggested to handle it.


This is an issue with the library you are using, or how you are using the library
And the library you are using has not provided a reason why the token failed to be obtained.

Thanks for replying, so you mean Twitch doesn’t have anything like rate limit or ACL to somehow block it, right?

I cannot speak to if Twitch does or does not have such a thing.

But if it did it’s not likely to be the problem here.

All you have is a generic error, and need to trace the true error.

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