Invalid Cap Command for

I was using PircBot in java, I am getting Error Logging in

then I tried MIRC, still getting the same error

Then I tried resetting my oauth, still getting the same error.

I do not know if my isp is blocking it or my ip is blocked from twitch chat server.

Please Help me

Is 410 :Invalid CAP command the only error you get?
Because i don’t think that’s what’s keeping you from logging in

I get that error too but it happens before the actual login

@Freddy In MirC i get the Invalid Cap Command then disconnects and in PircBot in java I get NOTICE * :Error logging in then logs on to server the disconnects.

You probably already know this, but are you actually prepending the token with oauth: (so using oauth:<token> as server password) when using it for IRC? Also, do you have the correct scope associated with the token? You need the chat_login scope. You can check if the token you are using is valid and which scopes it has by specifying it at the Kraken API root endpoint:<token> (the token without oauth: in this case)

I also get the Invalid CAP command message in mIRC when connecting, I don’t think it has to do with the login problems.

@tduva I checked just now and i can see that there is scopes for chat_login.

for me it gives me the invalid cap command then disconnects so its not even logging in.

same with my java one with PircBot, it gives me error loggin in -> logs on -> then disconnects

so maybe their server is having problems or is it in my end?

@tduva I tried changing the nick to the specified username and it worked. I think I was dumb enough to create new nick while using my account.

So in order to create a bot on twitch, do I have to create a new account just for that bot?

I remember having issues with an old account as well. Haven’t checked that one recently tho.
And no you don’t need a seperate account for your bot. You can use any account usually (besides those apparently)

Ahhh i cant use my account for the bot. So i created an account for a bot.

Coz in order to log on to my main, i need to use my account’s username to connect. I can’t connect if I notbot or something as a nick for my main account.

So i figured that it needs the account’s username as a nick to connect so I created a new account.

Or are you saying that my account is old so i have to use my username as nick? If yes, how can I contact twitch directly about it?

The account and the token are tied together, you can’t login with another name than the account name associated with the token. It’s like a username and a password, you also can’t use the password of one account to login into another account with a name you just made up.

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