IRC Bot Repeating Timer Events

I’m kinda lost in my own thoughts on this late evening and thought I would bounce some ideas off some other people.

What would be a good way of going about implementing timer events to more than one channel with different messages or even the same message?

For example after an elapsed amount of time say fifteen minutes, an IRC bot would send a message that has been designated by the channel owner to that channel. Example message “hello world” to channel BlackMarmalade. At the same time though there could be another message going to a different channel. Example “Goodbye cruel world” to channel WhiteMarmalade. There could also be a 7 minute timer interval as another example.

Note these are repeating Events

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly depreciated.

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What is your bot using to connect? mIRC?

mIRC does have it’s own built in timer system that accepts timer names.

Example: /timerBlackMarmalade 0 900 /msg #BlackMarmalade This is a message that will send every 15 minutes; Forever.

at the same time you could run:

/timerWhiteMarmalade 0 900 /msg #WhiteMarmalade This is a message that will send every 15 minutes; Forever.

Another example: /timerBlackMarmalade 5 60 /msg #BlackMarmalade This is a message that will send every 1 minute; 5 times, then stop.

There is no space between /timer and your variable name. To shut off “ALL” timers you could do /timers off
To shut off one timer you could do /timerName off.

/timerDerp 0 900 /msg #channel HerpDerp will send one message every 15 minutes forever
/timerDerp 900 0 /msg #channel HerpDerp will send 900 messages instantly. You will be banned for 8 hours.

Of course if you use another bot/client/service you could custom code your own timer, but I assume that you don’t program.

I do program. I have a basic command line bot set up running on c# and I just didn’t want to complicate this question more than it need be. For example should I consider threading for these timed messages or should I use timers?

What are some ideas of achieving this goal?

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