IRC Now requires VIP

So, I’ve spent the past 48 hours trying to wrap my head around this issue.
And I think this is a bug and not intentional.

But, my IRC based tools now require the account to be marked as a VIP/Mod, or else the messages don’t appear in chat at all.

There’s no message or warning that the messages are being hidden because on the IRC side it still appears as if its working just fine. But on the streamer side nothing appears what-so-ever.

And the weirder part is that its not broken for every account, some work without VIP, some don’t…

It sounds like the channel is set to Followers Only mode, and the account you’re connecting to chat with is not following that channel so messages are blocked unless your a follower, VIP, Mod, or the Broadcaster account themselves.

With the relevant capabilities enabled you should be getting a NOTICE with a error/messageID to determine the issue

I can message through the web interface just fine.
Its onlythrough the IRC that I can’t send any messages.

There’s no error message or anything, its the first thing I looked at.
To me it appears as if its sent and the IRC accepted the message, but on the web side nothing appears as if its shadow banned.

This sounds like a rate limit issue then. Since you mentioned every account suggesting you have multiple token/users operating from the same IP.

And the messages that exceed the rate limit are being dropped.

VIP/Mod have a higher rate limit.

Different IP address to your server.

same computer, I’m used to chat in twitch using the IRC instead of the web client. So it shouldn’t be a rate limit thing (which normally gets said in the server messsages)

Theres the repeat yourself and sending too fast but the third is exceeding the posted rate limits which either, drops or disconnects it doesn’t raise an error.

Website is a different interface to script connections I believe which is probably why it works in the browser and not via connection. And this potentially a different rate limit pool

But this is off in the mystery shadow realm of weirdness.

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