Is it now possible to set a clip name with the create clip API?

I was planning to create a !clip command where the title/clipname can be set (e.g. !clip nice assist!)
I can’t seem to find it in the docs but since it returns an edit url, I thought it might be possible to programmatically edit it instead right after creating it via the API. I’m also good with using 3rd party APIs if that’s possible & legal.

I already saw this post from Scorfly and this uservoice. Other than that, I got no results. Any updates on this? Or, am I just missing something?

The API returns the “edit URL” for the operator to open and “edit” and not sure if said edit URL actaully lets you edit anyway, this is how the API has always been

Nothing has changed. Hence the uservoice is still open.

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Got it! Thank you for replying fast.

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