Is it possible to skip the Android App screen on chat embeds?

With the new chat embeds, if you are embedding a twitch chat room on your website,and someone browses to your website on their cellphone, instead of showing the chat, it will show an advertisement for the Twitch Android App.

There is a small link on the bottom which says “Switch to Desktop Mode”, which will show the chat… but most people don’t see it, or even understand whats going on. Not to mention, if the link is below the height of your embed, it won’t be seen at all.

Is there some way we can completely disable this advert?

Adding “?no-mobile-redirect=true” should disable this.

Example: => Shows Advert. => Prevents the redirect.


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This may be a bug that has not been fixed yet.

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Can confirm that this is a known bug we should see a fix for very Soon™.

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