Issue with

My program is often contacting Twitch api. However, I’ve frequently a TIMEOUT issue with the IP
Here is a part of the message:
FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

I wonder if someone has the same issue or if you would know how to help me. I don’t have this issue each time, and I already flushed the DNS of my server.

Thanks for your time!

As per the same question in Discord here is the same answer (and slighly expanded if others find this post)

It’s most likely a snafu with fastly the CDN in front of the API
It’s been worse of late but I’ve counted less than 10 total for my own calls across multiple servers (but I’m not like logging each fail anyway)

So if you get a timeout, just retry the request, this sort of thing is common with API’s in general, you get a bad hit on a server rebalancing, so just retry

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