Issues with finding ingest-server URL for particular stream that is live or going to be live

My team currently experiencing issues with finding ingest-server URL for RTMP format of video broadcast. With the ingest servers endpoint, we are receiving all the servers list but can’t identify a way to fetch the server URL for specific stream that is live or upcoming. Is there a way to pull out the ingest-server section of rtmp://<ingest-server>/app/<stream-key>[?bandwidth_test=true] for a specific stream? Thanks for the help!


Streams are not “scheduled” and recieve a specific URL like you do on YouTube.

Pick an ingest and just go live.

additionally no, you cannot determine the ingest a given stream is using.

If you are the streamer you can know via inspector - ( or the fact you know from putting a given URL into your streaming software.

There is no way to get what ingest someone else is using.

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