Lag in Twitch stream

Hello not sure if I’m posting this in the correct area…(total newbie) any help is appreciated…im just getting into streaming and I’m having some issue…I’m using my PS4 + laptop to do this (elgato hd60s) in obs I have no lag but I’m getting 10 sec lag when checking it on twitch…I really want this to work and to get it right I’m trying to stream in 720 p 60 FPS…IV tried multiple things but just can’t get it right I’m not exactly a Wiz when it comes to IT so I’m slightly stumped…and looking for info online…so far hasn’t helped…if anyone can advise and help…IL b very grateful…again sorry if this is in the wrong area…thanks

We can’t help you with this issue.

This is the third party developers forum.

Not Elgato support