Linking to 3rd party sites

I’ve been reading the developer agreement for Extensions, however, I’m a little unsure of one thing. Would it be allowed to link to a site like YouTube in a panel? It could either be a video or the broadcaster’s channel. Also, what if the videos are based on Twitch content?

Thanks in advance!

Off-site links must be related to the extension’s core functionality.

I highly doubt linking to YouTube would be part of your functions.

Off-site links may not refer users to sites that deliver functionality effectively similar to that available on

YouTube is basically a competitor to Twitch. So no YouTube.

A VOD on Twitch maybe

What about spotify lib?

What do you mean?

I succesfully used the Spotify JS SDK in dev. But now when going to production its getting blocked. Do I have to submit lib for whitelisting? I tried including the SDK locally but this SDK actually calls and injects another external spotify js file.The SDK I use is -

There’s the same issue in another thread Spotify web player script being blocked in hosted test mode

You are not allowed to load Javascript from external sites.