Login not working in Chromium ( Cefsharp )


First of all, I’m not sure if this is the category to post. So if not, please tell me or move it.

I have a chatbot app, made with Windows Forms, that uses Chromium (Cefsharp) to load some websites, like Twitch chat, Twitch stats, etc.

After some years using it, now it stopped working. When trying to log in, it says “Something went wrong…”. I fixed the login to get the access token using the default browser, but since the chat window is inside the app, cannot login in any other way. I tried to update the library to latest version without any luck.

So… any tip? I see that other apps like OBS has been working fine, so I don’t know where can I find the settings or requirements to allow to login inside Chromium.

Thank you very much!

Twitch recently changed what it supports in terms of browsers.


So the optimal solution is to launch a “real browser”, then pass the resulting token back to your app

Yes, that works to login to use the API with the access token, but how can I login in a “real browser” to get logged in inside the Chromium browser?

You don’t, the logic I described was just for getting app tokens.

Twitch doesn’t support “non standard” browsers due to abuse by bad actors. Hence you are having an issue.

Then display the chat embed as normal/documented but the user won’t be able to use it to send messages. Since they can’t login.

Alternatively build your own chat/duplicate of the chat UI using a chat:edit scope token for sending messages. or no token at all if you just need read only chat (and connect to the chat websocket)

I understand.

But what I don’t understand is that OBS( for example ) uses an integrated browser that works, so there must be any kind of requirements? Or Twitch just let some of them work doing it on Twitch side?

One would assume that OBS has an agreement with Twitch since it’s one of the largest options for streaming on Twitch. (or a temprorary “we’ll allow this until you can make changes”)

Really everyone should be doing everything via the API’s as supported using the relevant access tokens.

Just ease of use for OBS to be able to dock in various widgets.

But for your “chat bot app” you probably don’t need a chat box to show chat (or send chat via that), and just need to display what the bot sees, so you probably don’t need to embed widget. Just get a correctly scoped token and utilise that.

Well thank you very much for the clarification, I will search for third party sites to replace them, or only option will be remove the option.

Just to give my opinion, recreating an entire chat or notification system to have it in your app doesn’t feel like a productive time, I thought that the dashboard popup panels was made for this cases.

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