Many of my requests started to be timed out

This night, many requests started to get the same error Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out
Previously it would happen 3–5 times a day, now it happened each 3 minutes.
What would cause it? I didn’t change anything on my side

Being in South Germany where the ISP is Vodafone is the usual culprit

It sounds like an issue between your hosting provider and the relevant AWS or Fastly infrastructure for the API and the route is broken.

Thats what it usually is

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My provider told me this API steadily returns 503

curl -I
HTTP/2 503 
error-reason: loop detected
content-type: text/plain
fastly-host: cache-bfi-krnt7300022-BFI
fastly-ff: SGj18tAbbQbdBUVl12BG1r55Xu0ftmhaE24xEEYlLDo!FRA!cache-fra-eddf8230126-FRA, SGj18tAbbQbdBUVl12BG1r55Xu0ftmhaE24xEEYlLDo!BFI!cache-bfi-krnt7300022-BFI
server: Varnish
fastly-restarts: 1
date: Thu, 29 Jun 2023 12:45:21 GMT
x-served-by: cache-bfi-krnt7300022-BFI, cache-fra-eddf8230126-FRA
x-cache: MISS, MISS
x-cache-hits: 0, 0
x-timer: S1688042721.259442,VS0,VS0,VE308
strict-transport-security: max-age=300

So problem has to be on Twitch side

What API are you calling?

The old/removed API’s can surface a loop detected.

This problem solved itself. I believe there was a problem in connection between my Russian VDS to Twitch servers

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