Migrating to EventSub for online/offline notifications

I’m using the old webhooks for stream online/offline alerting. I have ~3000 users. I want to swap to EventSub but it seems I’ll have to double my usage, because online/offline each cost “1”, meaning that I’ll hit the 10000 cap much sooner.

Is this correct or is there a better way?

My current method is able to handle offline notifications due to receiving the “stream change state” event, and checking if the data is present or not(offline if empty object).

The new way requires you to explicitly subscribe to the offline events, which means now I’m at over 6000 events out of the 10000 cap. The users aren’t authorizing the application, since I’m using my OAuth token, so that cost of “0” never happens.


Should I just give up on using EventSub for this purpose?

If you have authenticated the user, the cost is 0.

Ask the users to authenticate

You could instead use event sub for “online” only and then long poll streams up to 100 channels at a time to hunt for offline instead.

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