Moderation chat DELETE method showing 401, scope looks good

here are my scope for the request:

"scopes": [

the request :

curl -X DELETE '' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
-H 'Client-Id: <CLIENT-ID>'


  "error": "Unauthorized",
  "status": 401,
  "message": "incorrect user authorization"

the scope “moderator:manage:chat_messages” is used. Any suggestions for use?

You used a client credentails token instead of a user token

or the token is not for 948617137

or 948617137 is not a mod of 238246433

948617137 is the mod of 238246433

And the token is for 948617137

You plug the token into a tool such as Token Checker | Twitch API Example

it returns something like, (as in a login, user_id and a list of scopes, the tested token here has no scopes)


double checking, I do see unexpected login field


The auth login field doesn’t match the origin user of the Client-Id.

The owner of the clientID doesn’t matter.

Fred could own a clientID
And you authenticate bob to that clientID
Then use bob to moderate alans channel. As long as bob is a moderator of alan.

I’ll post my experiments later with responses.


I need to have another dummy chat user to test my deletion. I can’t delete the broadcaster message and I need the bot to do the action. so, my problem is I don’t have enough users in my test. All I have is the mod and broadcaster.

Ah yeah that would throw that error if you are trying to delete a message that is from a user that is equal or higher power than the user you are authenticated as.

this. Thanks for tagging along with my findings