Multi-Channel Stream Switcher

Ok, stupid title but I couldn’t think of a better one lol. What I want to do is simple. Right now on my site I have our Twitch channel embedded on a sidebar. Easy. What I would like to do though is have a left and right arrow below the window that allows me to switch between channel that I have set. Kind of like a playlist so the members of my website can switch between our various channels. Would this be hard to do?

I should also add that it doesn’t have to be arrows…but just some way to switch between predetermined channels.

If you’re using WordPress try

Thanks helps me partially. I was able to use a Stream Badger (not wordpress) to display the different channels…but it would be nice if there was a way to use an IF statement of some type to only display live channels, while hiding the offline ones.

You would need to use the Twitch API to check who is live. A jQuery AJAX request could be used to get a JSON object containing only the live streams.

See the API here: