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Hi guys, first of all i want to say thank you for all the help you give me while i was coding this App, i couldnt do it without you!
But here it is my App, its kinda simple but i couldnt find another App that do this: It do randoms between Subscribers and viwers, with sime options, of the user; for contests purposes.
My next goal is to add more lenguages and make the random between Followers too.
Here is the link if you want to see it:
Of course i will help anyone who wants to know how i code it, just MP me or reply this topic.

Thank you again guys, and have a nice week!

Just saw this thread in my digest.

Note: I am not a lawyer.

Keep in mind, by using the word Twitch in your apps title, you could be violating the Brand Asset Guidelines, specifically:

Do not use Twitch in the name of your applications, products, domains, etc. This includes merely adding simple letter or number combinations (before or after), e.g. “Twitch1234”.

In doing so, you could lose access to the API (or could possibly have your app removed from the Google Play Store) as defined in the API Terms of Service

You agree to comply with Twitch’s Brand Asset Guidelines , incorporated herein by this reference.

I’m not sure how strict Twitch is in regards to this, but considering the word “Twitch” is trademarked, I believe they are legally required to defend their trademark.

@Fugiman or @george might have some more info regarding this.

First of all, thank you for wasting your time in my app, all help is welcome. Second, i had the same doubt about if i can use “Twitch” or not in may app name, i ask that question in december here [Simple Question] Brand Assets.
I think i can use the name on my app meanwhile there is a free version of it.
In decemer i also send an email to askin several things and another in january, and i dont have response yet. I will not wait forever, i upload my app in the way i think is ok, if they find my app to break some rules, i will change the name without any problem, even suspend it and reupload with all ok.

Again, thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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