My application to create an organization was rejected (Isekai Tensei)

Probably due to the fact that the site has a different mail, my application was rejected. But in the last application, I changed the mail on twitch to the one indicated on the site. However, my applications are not considered.

if you didn’t get a deny email yet
Then it’s likely still in processing.
As due to the game dev badge there was a huge influx in applications leading to application processing being paused.

They only process them on business days. So hopefully you’ll hear something Monday to Friday next week

Thanks for the answer. Then I will wait

They’re denying more game devs that isnt registered with IGDB. I was denied myself for not having a fully developed game yet even tho the title itself is called game developing. They’re alot more strict about it because of the amount of users trying to get the badge

thanks, I added the company and the game to IGDB. I hope this helps with checking.

Well in order for the game category to exist on Twitch you (generally) need to have created the record(s) on IGDB. So you should of already done that in order to claim the game on Twitch as yours.

Naturally someone else might have already have created the IGDB record since it’s crowd sourced

Could someone explain, what are the requirements to attaining the badge?
The term game developer is a quite broad term. Does this imply anyone that has or is involved in game development? if so, I’ve been part of several game development projects of a few games in the past and would like a badge like that. Considering I’ve worked on games such as CS2D (Counter-Strike 2D) that is Green Lighted on Steam. I’ve also worked on other modifications and off-shoots of that game in a similar way, for example HL2D (Half-Life 2D), Q2D (Quake 2D), and my most recent project I was part of was a online RPG game which is maintained by a Polish developer, but he and I worked very closely on the game to make it what it is.

I also were working closely together with GameBanana for a few years, organizing tournaments as a organizer. Additionally I was a news writer, game moderator and ambassador over at GameBanana and Unreal Software and also being involved in some of the CEVO mapping contests and in charge that it goes well, so I do feel like I have sufficient background to have such a badge as I work closely together with the games per say…


I have also worked on several other games and game concepts, including being a team member of quite a few game projects as a graphics artist, level designer and creative director. It’s been a huge task of course, but I have fulfilled all these roles to various degrees. I’ve contributed alot to the process of alot of games that I’ve been part of the dev team of. It’s been a interesting journey of course and I am happy with all the projects I’ve worked on or been a part of as a team member. Designing games is very fun when working with people that are also motivated to work on the projects, and to any given task as long as it is fitting with the game being written and designed.

But yeah. What would define a game developer?

Another question I have is, do I met the critera to apply for that game developer badge? considering I have worked on some great titles, although perhaps lesser known than all the triple A game titles of course, but do I still fit the critera to get the badge? I’m just wondering.

I have sent in a request for the game developer badge and am hoping I can get a approval in a few weeks as mentioned in this thread. Considering I’m interested in keep working in the game industry and to get some credit for once, gotta give credit where credit is due right?

Love to hear what anyone has to say or discuss here in the future.

The process is explained in the announcement post:

Essentially, to be eligible for the Game Developer badge you need to be part of an Organisation on the Twitch Dev console, and that Organisation must have claimed ownership of a game category that is on Twitch.

It is not possible to apply for the Game Developer badge directly, instead if you are currently working for a Games Studio you would need to reach out to them and have them add you to their organisation on Twitch. It’s up to those organisations to determine if they wish to enable the Game Developer badge and which staff they wish to have as part of the organisation.

That makes alot of sense, thanks for clarifying. It’s a very tedious process by the looks of things, I might just skip it altogether. I’ll just continue to work on games, with or without the badge. I’m totally fine with that.

But yeah, I just assumed this badge would be more openly available to all types of game developers, even if they are not part of a active Twitch console organisation per say, so I thought I’d ask.

Twitch has become a place only for the absolute elite of game developers, so I totally understand that I am not eligible for badges even though I have knowledge on how to write games. If there is in the future a change on Twitch regarding the game developer badge, I am all ears and willing to pursuit it if there is some criterias replacing all these tedious steps in the future. Hopefully I am eligible for some badges in the future, no matter what badge it may be. I’m just curious, because there is so many different types of badges. For example the artist, which is also a broad term, it could be a music artist, graphics artist, or other forms of artistry, so there’s always alot of questions to ask ourselves what is the eligibility for all these and are they even attainable by those willing to pursuit those badges, that’s my overall thoughts on these new types of Twitch badges.

The badge is certainly not for only the “absolute elite of game developers”. Many organisations on Twitch have just a single user who is the game developer, as there are lots of games on Twitch that are made by a single person. Even web based games are eligible. And it may seem tedious but that’s because Twitch have to verify you are who you say you are and have a legitimate claim to an org/game as it’s not just a badge that is provided by access to Drops, and Game Analytics, which is very much private data and so should be limited to verified owners of the game.

Also there is no restriction on an organisation limiting themselves to just coders, everyone that’s part of an organisation in any capacity, be it a coder, musician, artist, community management, whatever. they can all be part of the org on Twitch and able to get the Game Developer badge.

As for badges for those who are not part of an organisation, how could Twitch possibly verify that a Twitch user is a Game Developer if they are not part of an organisation that has been verified as the legitimate owner of a game on Twitch? The badges also link to the organisations website, so to some degree the people using Game Developer badges represent the company, which is why it’s important that the company themselves get to choose who is part of their organisation and can use that badge.

In the case of the Artist badge, that’s a channel-specific badge for broadcasters to attribute the artists who have made channel emotes.

still rejected the application. Maybe now, having listed the company on IGDB, it should be re-submitted, but with ownership of the game?
here is my link to the url-adress of the company
maybe there is some information missing

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