Native Dev Rig Login Not Fully Visible


The Native Dev Rig’s (v0.9.3) login isn’t centered or fully visible for Windows 10 Pro. I’ve tested different resolutions and Views in the menu bar. The login remains partially obstructed on the left.

This is a known issue and should be fixed in a later version (0.9.5 is current at time of writing)

Ok thanks.

Btw…the GitHub page should be updated. It has v0.9.3 hard-linked for the Windows download (at the time of this post).

The GItHub is archived/readonly

The rig auto updates so even if you Download 093 it’ll self update

The hard-linked v0.9.3 that’s in both the Github and forum post announcement has not “auto-updated” to v0.9.5.

Is there a bug in the auto-update?

Maybe someone can update the forum post then, if the Github is not maintained anymore.


Ok I had to download a few times, but now I see a shortcut that links to v0.9.5, which also has a centered and fully visible login.

Do not run from the .exe. It’ll run uncentered and at the version of download. Also uninstall and reinstall if you don’t see the shortcut.