No Extensions monetization onboarding link available in the dashboard

Hi All,

I just created a extension today, and I was following all the steps and one of them says I should complete " Extensions monetization onboarding.", however when I click the link, it just jumps to the extension page, there is no " Continue to Onboarding " link for me to complete this step.

I wondered if it takes some time to come up, or I am doing something wrong.

Thank you.

The correct section for the forms in question is here on the dashboard.

Go to your dashboard and the bottom/final item is under “Settings” called “Extensions Developer”

Sorry for the late reply, when dashboard you mean the developer dashboard or the twitch dashboard…
I am still having trouble finding it.

Twitch Dashboard:

OK That is strange I don’t have it… but if I go to extention -> Invite I can see my WIP project… Any idea?

Thats weird

You might want to refer and post to

Just an FYI. This is still an issue as of today. The LEARN MORE button in the Extension Capabilities page still takes you to the main Extensions page instead of something more helpful. Fortunately I found this thread in a Google Search.

Hello, i have problem, I found Monetization | Twitch Developers tutorial, i read it, but on the page “Register as a developer” i cant find it. There is only:

but, still i cant enable it:

I dont have under “Settings” nothing like “Extensions Developer”

Someone tell me, where can be a problem? Thank you so much.

I believe I replied to your original post, but we had identified a small bug that impacts newly onboarded developers who were already a partner or affiliate on Twitch. Thank you for your patience! This should be resolved shortly.

Thank you for your reply, is there any chance to get and ETA for this issue, I have tried with 3 account creation among our colleagues however none of them are successful.

Can you DM me your client ID?

Apologies for the late reply I just sent info over messages.