No JOIN messages received

Hi, I have subscribed using CAP REQ to receive JOIN events, however I receive none except for when I join the channel.

They only (reliably) work in channels with sub 1000 members.

They are batched into groups (like every 15/20 seconds)

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So even the batches don’t get through?

Not on channels with 1000 members and above no.

The join/part rate is just too much data to send and gets in the way of chatting

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So there isn’t a good way of maintaining a list of who is in a channel? I’m trying to track time spent in channels for analytics.

There is only the undocumented chatters endpoint<BROADCASTER NAME>/chatters

Everyone doing currency uses that, and since it’s undocumented it can break or change at anytime without warning

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Yeah, that’s whay I was trying to use JOIN because I knew that is unreliable. Do you know of any plan to upgrade the JOIN feature?

It’s not possible.

On a large channel with join enabled you would literally not be able to process the JOIN/PART’s and the chat messages as it would literally be too many messages for Twitch to send and you to Parse.

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Ok. Thanks.

Does that other API work past 1000?


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Thanks for all your help again! Much appreciated.

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